BitU is a decentralized collateralized stablecoin protocol.

Mint $BITU, a fully-backed stablecoin, with leading cryptocurrencies. Use it across DeFi or stake your $BITU to earn automated yield.


Stake your $BITU to automatically receive $sBITU, with yields generated by the ALMM distributed directly to you, in proportion to your staked $sBITU.


Powered by our ALMM, BitU Protocol boosts yield potential and maximizes capital efficiency by leveraging off-chain liquidity and optimizing TXs efficiency for on-chain funds.


BitU utilizes a best-in-class hybrid model and top-tier custodial agents, employing multiple layers of safety controls to safeguard users' funds and ensure the integrity of collateral positions.

How BitU Protocol works?

Mint $BITU using collateral
Stake $BITU and receive $sBITU to earn yield
Securely stored collateral in on-chain custody addresses
Claim $BITU by burning $sBITU
Redeem collateral by burning $BITU
Mint $BITU by providing collaterals
Receive $BITU
Transfer Collaterals
Receive $sBITU
Stake $BITU
Mirror asset without transfer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BitU Protocol?
BitU is a crypto-native stablecoin protocol that enhances security and yields by combining the best of off-chain efficiency and on-chain transparency.
What is $BITU?
$BITU is a crypto-native stablecoin with embedded yield.
Can anyone mint $BITU?
The short answer is No. Initially, only whitelisted partners have the ability to mint $BITU using collateral. For those interested in joining the whitelist, please reach out to us for more information on eligibility and the process.
What is ALMM?
ALMM — BitU's core, the Active Liquidity Management Module, boosts yields by optimizing off-chain liquidity with a key assurance: collateral assets remain secure in custody at all times.
Does BitU Protocol have tokens?
Yes, currently BitU Protocol has two types of tokens.
  • $BITU: The primary stablecoin of the protocol, offering stability and acting as a medium of exchange within the ecosystem.
  • $sBITU: Earned by staking $BITU, allowing users to share the yield generated through the protocol's ALMM yield generation.
⚠️ Please note:
  • No Governance Token: Currently, BitU Protocol does not feature a governance token. The focus is primarily on the permissionless stablecoin functionality and staking rewards for users.