BitU is a decentralized collateralized stablecoin protocol.

Mint $BITU, a fully-backed stablecoin, with leading cryptocurrencies. Use it across DeFi or stake your $BITU to earn automated yield.


Stake your $BITU to automatically receive $sBITU, with yields generated by the ALMM distributed directly to you, in proportion to your staked $sBITU.


Powered by our ALMM, BitU Protocol boosts yield potential and maximizes capital efficiency by leveraging off-chain liquidity and optimizing TXs efficiency for on-chain funds.


BitU utilizes a best-in-class hybrid model and top-tier custodial agents, employing multiple layers of safety controls to safeguard users' funds and ensure the integrity of collateral positions.

How BitU Protocol works?

Mint $BITU using collateral
Stake $BITU and receive $sBITU to earn yield
Securely stored collateral in on-chain custody addresses
Claim $BITU by burning $sBITU
Redeem collateral by burning $BITU
Mint $BITU by providing collaterals
Receive $BITU
Transfer Collaterals
Receive $sBITU
Stake $BITU
Mirror asset without transfer


BitU Protocol: A Hedge Against Debt, Inflation, and Uncertainty

June 19
Concerns over stagflation and recession dominate the news as nations around the world continue to endure an economic slowdown. In recent years, international trade has stalled, foreign exchange has become more volatile, and consumption across the world has slowed. Many of these problems are significantly influenced by the US economy, particularly the Federal Reserve's high interest rates that were hiked to curb inflation stemming from debt and high expenditure in the wake of the pandemic. Despite this, there are hopes that US dollar stablecoins can help solve some of these issues.

A Primer on BitU Protocol

June 10
The Bitcoin-backed Decentralized Yield-bearing Stablecoin Primitive

Earn Real Yield & Protocol Tokens: Join the $BITU Founding Minters Campaign!

June 07
We’re excited to announce the launch of the $BITU Founding Minters Campaign, a pivotal step in our journey towards enhancing liquidity and rewarding our dedicated community. With BitU Protocol recently achieving an impressive $19 million in Total Value Locked (TVL), we’re now focusing on bringing more $BITU stablecoin minters on board. This campaign offers unique opportunities for early adopters to shape the future of our protocol and be rewarded for their commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BitU Protocol?
BitU is a crypto-native stablecoin protocol that enhances security and yields by combining the best of off-chain efficiency and on-chain transparency.
What is $BITU?
$BITU is a crypto-native stablecoin with embedded yield.
Can anyone mint $BITU?
The short answer is No. Initially, only whitelisted partners have the ability to mint $BITU using collateral. For those interested in joining the whitelist, please reach out to us for more information on eligibility and the process.
What is ALMM?
ALMM — BitU's core, the Active Liquidity Management Module, boosts yields by optimizing off-chain liquidity with a key assurance: collateral assets remain secure in custody at all times.
Does BitU Protocol have tokens?
Yes, currently BitU Protocol has two types of tokens.
  • $BITU: The primary stablecoin of the protocol, offering stability and acting as a medium of exchange within the ecosystem.
  • $sBITU: Earned by staking $BITU, allowing users to share the yield generated through the protocol's ALMM yield generation.
⚠️ Please note:
  • No Governance Token: Currently, BitU Protocol does not feature a governance token. The focus is primarily on the permissionless stablecoin functionality and staking rewards for users.